A morning start at 25 degrees

After receiving news with bad weather from the other side of Europe, its started different overhere. Wen we opened the door this morning a warm breeze hit our faces. I walked on the porch and looked at the thermometer. It was already 25 degrees in the shadow and it gave us the new that this day is a day without working. To hot to handle… We did our things and pulled the kids out of the swimming pool en jumped in the car to make a drive to Porec. Tequila beach is the city beach were we hit the floor. A cool breeze form the sea makes it a little bit pleasant accutane capsules 40mg. We expected the it would be crowded but it wasn’t so. After some time i walked to the tequila bar, a bar with super cocktails and a great variatie of beer. Of corse i chose for a Bura beer and the bar tender advised me the IPA of Bura beer.

After a few tasting of my bottle Bura Beer i made a short impression for you all.

This again a beautiful day and this evening Istria gave us again a beautiful sky. Take a look to our sky and read you al later….

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