Contrasts beauty till …..

Here in Istria its all about contrasts. rich/poor, beautiful/ugly, traditional/modern, future/past. For one thing its sure, it has al todo with history.
The summers al dry and hot overhere. So time to times it happends great woods turned from green into great fire. But wen your working field gets also some fire. Its possible that your don’t get your profits out of the fields and get any money for your familiy this year.


In the front you see the present time and in the back the history not even 5 years ago. This filed belongs to a family and they are working so hard, we got alot respect for them. 7 days a week and every day from 08:00/09:00 till 23:00 in the evening. No beach, no shopping just work work work. And they loved it.

But if we walk a little bit in this town we see more contrasts. You can call it beautiful and ugly or history and future. Two diffent houses, one family. And almost everything wil be build by them selfs. Piece by piece form time to time.

Thats the way all the locals do it overhere.


But it can also be extreme. From traditional to modern buildings. The deference between these buildings are extreme. It’s looks alike the richer getting richer and the local stays local. But even this… the area thays beautiful to visit and stay for your holiday. No mass tourist buildings or camping places.

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